Thursday, August 04, 2005

Day 11 - August 4, 2005.

Yesterday was my first “off” day, didn’t do any cardio and no weights. Although it was very much needed, I still felt guilty about it this morning. Funny how that happens? You do your best, but yet, you always find a reason to beat yourself up and say “I could do better!”. I know that there will be more highly developed elite competitors on stage with me, and although I will admire their hard work and persistence, I will secretly be filling my head with negative thoughts. If I’m at my best physical shape (for that time being), my self confidence will surely be at its best as well. No matter what, I’m getting on that stage!!

Also, just as quick as my first Body-for-Life 12-weeks went by, this will surely go as fast! Heck, they are already selling Halloween Costumes in various retail stores in my area!!!! HA!

Here's one of my favorite Monica Brant's pictures (


Blogger Christie said...

Carole, that is a great pic of Monica, and girl, I gotta say, I can envision you lookin even better!! You have done so great, I'm super excited for you and your first show...(isn't funny how we can get excited for someone we have never even met...haha)

10:18 AM  
Blogger Teresa Miranda said...

I know I love that pic. of Monica too! I mean does she look like a finely tuned athlete or what? You are gonna look that great I promise girl you will! As much determination and strength that you possess your going to do exceedingly well!


10:25 AM  
Blogger Teresa Miranda said...

Hehehehe watch out for the Christmas Tree's next month!

10:26 AM  
Blogger Carole Ingram said...

Christie: WOW! Thank you!! :-) I'd love to look like Monica, but to invision myself looking just as good, it's kind of hard to do *lol*. Would love to meet you in person, and so many other BFL Buddies!

Thanks T! I'm sure you can't wait till she moves to TX! Lucky you!!!

10:54 AM  
Blogger Carole Ingram said...

Christmas Trees....oh gosh! I'm not even ready for Christmas yet! *LOL*

10:54 AM  
Blogger Stef said...

Hey Carole! I love reading your blog and keeping up with what you are up to. Russ and I took pix today for C2 and I am taking the weekend a little easy. Sunday, I will be starting my official training/prepping for my competition. I get my pix back tonight and will post them on tracker later.

Way to go with following your plan!

1:21 PM  

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