Friday, September 22, 2006

I miss working out!!!!

Wow, do I miss working out and that awesome feeling of "well-being" after a kick ass workout! I'll surely be at it again soon - I've got about 20 lbs to lose, I'm currently at 154 lbs in size 10 jeans. I really don't feel bad about being a size 10, even after being a size 2 just 10 months ago. I may decide to lose 30 lbs, but it'll all depend on how I look and feel. I wanted to do a BFL Challenge this year, but I missed the deadline! There was no way that I could start working out only two weeks after giving birth to Katherine, my bottom was still pretty sore from "ripping" (ouch!). Also, my back was giving me some problems due to the lovely epidural I got, I regretted it but when my water broke at 8 cm, the contracted seemed like they tripled in strength, needless to say, I wasn't quite thinking of the "future" but more about the present and what I could get to take the edge off of the pain.

Along with being a mom of two, I've been working more hours towards my side business of personalized books & handcrafted kids room decor items. I'm selling them on ebay, pretty cool! Check out my cute little items I've crafted and selling right now:

I'm not sure if the above link will work so I'm including some pictures... I absolutely LOVE doing these! I get a lot of custom work requests too.

Fairy Jewelry Box with mirror

"Baby" themed Winnie the Pooh Peg Boards Disney Princess Wall Scalloped Shelf

The Backyardigans - 5 drawer Jewelry Box

Friday, September 15, 2006

Being a Mother of Two - A Challenge!

First and formost, thank you all for posting in my blog and all the congratulations! It's greatly appreciated.

It's been almost a month since my last post, I've been really busy with taking care of my little Katherine (breastfeeding, diaper changes, etc.). It seems like she's doubled in size already, she's so adorable and cute! Cassandra still calls her "her baby" and occasionaly says "She's a cutie mommy" :-) My heart just melts when she says that to her little sister.

Here's a few new pictures of them!