Friday, January 13, 2006

How’s my “Bun the Oven”?

My bun in the oven is about to kill me *LOL*… no puking, but just “overall” nausea that lasts all day long. I’m still eating plenty healthy (and sometimes a little too much), but if I don’t eat every 3 hours, I feel extra nauseous! When I first wake up in the morning, it’s the worse! They say that being “nauseous” is a good sign and means a pretty strong pregnancy, of which risks of miscarriage is greatly reduced (don’t know how true that is)…however, that even if you don’t feel those symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you are at risk of miscarriage.

Anyway, I’ve been ordering/eating “out” a lot, especially for meat… I cannot handle raw meat or fish, they smell horrible to me! Oh, and talk about being sleepy all the time… I’m more tired now then when I was training for my competition! (If that makes any sense!?!?!?!?!). Protein is not very high in my diet, I eat a lot more carbs since my stomach can handle it a whole lot better….again, I’m told this should subside at about 4 months, where my normal appetite for food should come back, I HOPE SO!

My face is breaking out due to hormone changes (which is totally normal, from what I can read). Also, my waist is also already expanding since my uterus is already growing (I feel extremely bloated)…. What the hell, am I having TWINS!? (Again, I’m told it’s perfectly normal, especially for child #2, you start showing a little earlier). Not that I’m showing a lot, but I got a small “bump” (as if you are bloated, ready to have your periods). My breasts are now “full B” and still slightly more sensitive…they are getting geared for breastfeeding!

Also, when a woman is pregnant, her body is programmed to slow down her digestive system, to ensure that it absorbs every nutrient that it can from food, of which; us pregnant women have to deal with CONSTIPATION! (ohhhh the dreaded word!). This is why it’s so important to eat extra healthy when pregnant, since your body really works overtime to absorb those nutrients, why not give it the best?

As for my working outs, it’s still at a halt…I worked out Sunday (legs), walked on Monday and walked yesterday during lunch time. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt but I know where my real priority is at and that’s having a healthy mommy and baby….if my body says, go to sleep…well call me lazy but I’m taking a NAP!

I still need to find a good OB/GYN doctor, it was on my list to do this week and I have a few leads but just prospecting right now. :-)

I was told that I was approximately between 6 to 7 weeks along….babies due date will be somewhere in the beginning of September. Hopefully near my mother’s birthday (she’s on the 5th).

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Monica Brant's Book - I'm published!

Yeah guys! I know I have been super quiet lately, but, please bare with me...just been extremely tired and have no desire of getting on the computer at night. :-).

Here's some exciting news, I'm published in the new Monica Brant's Secrets to Staying Fit & Loving Life! book.

Check it out! You can buy the book on her website or via

I was quite thrilled when I got my book yesterday! :) Now, I just need for her to sign it!