Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted but it's no surprise I'm sure since I have a newborn to take of...can you believe it , she's already 2 months old! She's growing so fast and she's already cracking up some smiles for us, simply adorable! So much has happened and I have little time to get all into it but here's the bottom line... I'm going to be a stay-at -home mommy! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has found himself a part-time job, he works on a as-needed basis, enough to get us by.

As for exercising/dieting : I started dieting about a week and a half ago, I went from 153 lbs down to (as of this morning) 146.5 lbs. I haven't started the exercise part yet, I had full intentions to start on Monday but last Sunday, I injured my foot somehow, I have no CLUE how I did it but I'm limping *lol*...yeah, walking like I duck, trying not to put too much weight/pressure on it since it's my "bad" foot and I would HATE to hurt it even more. I should still workout my upper body some,... but for now, I'm just getting the diet going and getting use to that first... My husband has been working out and started dieting too! It took about two years of me telling him that he needed to eat 6 times a day and convincing him that "WHAT" you eat DOES matter! Jezzzzzzzzz.... he's a hard headed. It took him going to Myrtle Beach SC and seeing all these "HARD BODIES" (men and women) and he got a little concerned about his look *lol*, AND doesn't help that when he visited his family about a month ago, a LOT of people pointed out his little gutt *lol* , asking him "What happen man, you gained some weight!? " *LOL* HA!

As for my business, it's picking up RAPIDLY! I've been doing a lot of custom orders and I LOVE IT! My handcrafted items are selling well and I'm loving it. I even added some personalized lightswitches, check this out!! They are so cool and so much fun to make!!! I only sell them for like $6.99 each, and that includes shipping cost! I finally got them onto my website yesterday, took a little bit since I had to refresh my memory (HTML coding, etc.).

Anyway, now that I've probably put everyone to sleep with my blah blah blah..I will get going.... I do promise some before/after pictures!!! So, keep in touch with me, I'll start full blown very soon, heck, I already started but just the dieting part.... may be another competition in 2007!!! Just need to hire a good trainer to help me out !!