Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm back at it!

Yesterday, I started exercising and eating somewhat clean again. My legs are sore today, and it feels GREAT! I was itching to start working out last week but I forced myself to not give in and give my body some time to rest and recuperate from the hard training that I’ve been doing the past 13 weeks.

Here’s a sneak preview of what I ate yesterday, approximately 2100 calories, 47% protein, 36% carbs, 17% fats.

Meal 1: 1 c. Go Lean Cereal, 1 scoop whey protein, 1 T. Natural Peanut Butter (unmixed), 1/2 cup of soy milk.

Meal 2: 1 scoop whey protein, 5 strawberries, 1/4 cup oatmeal.

Meal 3: Turkey Meatball Sandwich (Nature's Own Healthline Bun, 80 calories), Coleslaw (Eating-for-Life), 1/2 c. Brussels sprouts

Meal 4: 3/4 c. cottage cheese, 1 tbsp FF/SG Butterscotch Pudding.

Meal 5: Chicken Parmesan, 1 serving Barilla Plus Pasta (Eating-for-Life recipe)

Meal 6: High Protein Cookies (bef. workout), recipe posted in yesterday’s blog.

Meal 7: 1/4 cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese, 5 egg whites, 1 T. Miracle Whip, 1 tsp Ms. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning. (after workout)

As for my leg workout (I workout from home now)

Leg Extension: 4 sets of 15
Leg Curl (one-leg at a time): 3 sets of 15
Squats: 3 sets of 25
Single-Leg Leg Press: 3 sets of 25
Plie Squats: 2 sets of 15
Kickbacks: 3 sets of 20
Abs Decline Crunch, 3 sets of 15 to 20
Abs Reverse Crunch, 3 sets of 15
Calf raises, 3 set of 25

I could have done more but I didn’t want to overdo it after one week off, kind glad I didn’t cause, I am sore today! I’m not training with heavy weights as of yet, I don’t have the equipment to do so. I’ve only got my crossbow machine and a few dumbbells sets (5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, and 40 lbs).

Working out from home takes some serious discipline for me, I’m always tempted to do other house chores…Sometimes, I do house chores in between my sets *lol*…I empty the dishwasher a little and do one set…empty it some more, do one more set..etc. It doesn’t always work out that way though. I sometimes superset my workouts especially when doing two muscle groups at a time, I may do a set of pushups and immediately after do dips.

I haven’t really focused on setting myself new goals as of yet, and this is a must! My present goal is to set myself goals *LOL* HA!

Well, got to keep this short so that I can get back to work (lunch hour is done and over with).

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Carole's Weekly Recipe! Oatmeal Banana & Peanut Butter Cookies!

I got another recipe that I want to share with my BFL Buddies! These are delicious and addicting! This recipe is authorized but should only be "eaten" when you are craving chocolate and something sweet. :-) This recipe calls for half of a banana, this is a high glycemic fruit.

1/3 cup of Traditional Slow-Cook Oatmeal
1/2 banana (I weighed mine, it was 1.6 oz)
1 tablespoon of Natural Peanut Butter (lower fat version)
1/4 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (choose whatever flavor you want!)
1 teaspoon of powdered unsweetened cocoa (optional)
1 tablespoon of Splenda (for cooking)

1. Preheat oven at 300F.
2. Mix all ingredients together.
3. Drop by spoonfuls onto baking sheet.
4. Bake for 10 minutes.

Yields 4 Cookies.

Nutritional breakdown according to Fitday (if you eat all four cookies):

Calories: 358
Protein: 32 g - 35%
Carbs: 40 g - 39%
Fat: 11g - 26%

Eat these with warm cup of coffee! YUMMY! Do not overinduldge in these! *LOL* I will NOT be held responsible !

Friday, October 28, 2005

What an Awesome Week!

What an incredible week am I having, the time off has truly been deserved. In less then a couple of days, it will be time for me to get serious again. This weekend, I will reflect on the past, the present and future. So many choices to do, so many goals to accomplish and so many friends to catch up with.

Also, to all of my friends that have supported me for my 1st Figure Competition, I haven’t forgotten about you! I will rescan my pictures (they came out dotty looking) and will be sending your 8”x10”soon…just be patient with me since I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. Make sure you hold on to that picture as a memento as you are all Master’s of “practicing the law of reciprocation!” You have invested in me, and some day, I’ll reward all of you with getting my Pro Card!! Ain’t that the ultimate goal of competing, to become a Pro!? I will compete again, no doubt! I’m guessing probably in 2 ½ years from now, my daughter wants a buddy to play with (hint!)! HA! It’s getting that ‘first experience’ that is really stressful and hard, but once you do it, it doesn’t seem so bad. My next challenge ahead is to fix my problem areas… my legs seem to be my strongest features, but I have some serious work to do on other areas. According to the judges (had a good friend talked to some of the judges for me), my poses were right on tract, it’s definitely not the poses that got me bottom last…it’s my symmetry! I have kick butt quads, but I need to work on my back v-shape to balance everything out, and need more muscles in my glutes (lightly put, I need more ASS! So, I envy those that have J-Lo butts!)

Also, THANK YOU FOR THE CARDS!!!!!!!! I was so surprised, humbled and emotional that day! You know, you guys surely know how to make me feel like a million bucks!

Ok…so, now that I’ve completed and accomplished many of my lifetime goals, which were to complete a 12-week BFL Challenge, to compete in a Figure Competition…what else can Carole do? I’m brewing some ideas but they are not what I would call “fitness” related goals. I need for you all to give me ideas of what I could do next, to help me stay motivated? HELP! *lol* I thought about doing a 5K run, but this may not be the best idea for the next several months (Ok, if you didn’t get the hint a while ago, you won’t know why I’m saying this!). I’m working on a “book” project that will probably take me a couple of months to complete, this book is related to Fitness/Nutrition in general. I also have another “big” idea/project in mind, that will require lots of thinking and time…this idea could be a hit or a flop so, I’m not sure if it’s worth exploring or not.

Another subject that I’d like to talk about and that’s 2005 Body-for-Life Champions…how many of you wished that they had more prizes to be offered, instead of “1” Grand Master Champion that wins $1 million dollars? Don’t you think that the other 14 Champions would deserve more then $5,000 worth of products? I know they probably get other gifts/incentives but, what happen to $25,000 to each Champion and one $100,00 to each Female/Male Grand Champion? Also, don’t you think that the contest should be “National” v.s. “International”? In my opinion, each country should have their own contest, that’s always been my thought since they started this new format. Interesting to think about!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Photos

It seems like I'll have more and more pictures popped up of the show *lol*, I'm getting these from other competitors.

Comparison Photos! WOW!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pictures of the Show!


Question for you all...

I have a question for all of my body-for-life buddies.... what would you rather be?

Jack of all trades and master of none OR be a Master?

As for me, I'm definitely a "Jack of all Trades" but no master. I often wonder if one is better then the other? I’m very versatile, adapt easily, and love to learn new things, but I don’t really exceed in one particular area. It’s not a bad thing, I’m just curious if it’s better to be a Jack or a Master? *LOL* I pose the question…

What do you consider yourself to be?

P.s. I know a lot of you are waiting on pictures...I will be posting some later on today.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Results! 4th Place - Figure A Division

What an incredible experience! I had a blast! I got 4th place in the Figure A division....but I was also last. There was only four of us and I had strong competition! I was a bit surprised as this is a small local show that started just a few years ago, but they had TWICE the amounts of competitors compared to last year! I'm still in awe with all the beautiful/fit bodies I have seen tonight, both in men and women!!!

Am I dissapointed about placing dead last in my class? Of course, but would I do it all over again? I say this with a big HELL YEAH!!! Are you kidding!!!! I've done what most people never do in their lifetime! I will never look back and say " I should have..." but instead, I can look back and say "WOW! I did 12 weeks of strict dieting and I looked great!" I still got a trophee in my hands! HA! I also purchased some pictures that they took immediately after getting off stage with our 1 pc. and 2 pc suit.

Some of you probably are a bit shocked that I placed 4th...but let me tell you, I was also the "new kid" in the block. A few of the girls travels from different states to get to this show. The logic behind it (this is my opinion) since this is a fairly small show, they see it as a great opportunity to compete at a level that they can win first place. Many of them have competed in several shows, both small and big. Also, about 90% of them have implants, I was the less gifted of all of them (and this includes bodybuilding ladies!).'s my honest and brutal opinion, this is me assessing myself poses were NOT great. I was so darn nervous that I had a hard time remembing to smile, pose correctly, etc...I honestly think it would take me several competitions to really get at ease and comfortable on stage. I didn't practice my poses as much as I should have...I did have a few setbacks that didn't help my situation either, I struggled the past several weeks with a few personal challenges and road bumps (not trying to put blame on those, but they surely didn't help me). Also, I probably needed to get leaner (oh yeah baby, I'm one of those "lucky" ones that has to get real lean to get the right look, when the person next to me may only be at 14% BF and look fabelous...ohhh that's great, more work for me but I'M MOTIVATED!!!). Also, since I'm soooooooo flat chested, if this was to become a sport of choice for me, I would need to do many shows, be at the right place at the right time, with judges that don't really care about implants and don't let implants influence their decision, at the local level, implants are very "influencial" (sorry, it's just a fact!).

So, with this being said, I may have placed last but I was the proundest of them all! I look back when I started training, January 31st, at 32% BF and now today, October 23rd at 13% BF. WOW! That's something to be pround of!

Once again, THANK YOU to all of my Body-for-Life friends and supporters that have helped me make another dream come true!!!!

What's next for Carole? Hmmmm I've got some ideas that I'm brewing in my head. Figure Competitions is definitely something that I'm going to do again! I don't know when, but I'll do more!

So now, 1:20 am, I'm sitting at my computer desk, finishing up some Domino's Garlic Breadsticks, stuffing my face, looking at my trophee with a big huge smile, wanting to yell on the top of my lungs, " I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!!!"

Friday, October 21, 2005

Last Post until After The Show!!

Less then 24 hours away from stepping on stage and I’m getting really nervous. I’m counting the hours till the “big moment”. Even though this is a small local competition, it still nerve racking. Today is going to be a real “mental” game. I’ve stopped drinking water today at noon; I will only sip on about 8 oz of water for the remaining of the day and another 8 oz tomorrow. I’m only 2 hours into it and I’m already wanting a nice tall glass of cold water :-)…ironic how you can get so fed up with drinking your 1 gallon a day, but take that forbidden and you want it even more! It’s very much “mental”.

After I have completed this competition, I will be taking a week off of training…no weight training and no cardio…I’ll be spending lots of good quality time with my family. Enjoy the art of cooking healthy meals each night (many from the Eating-for-Life book, if you haven’t purchased this book yet, I HIGHLY recommend it – I already got dozens of recipes picked out).

Another mental challenge that I’m facing and that is to “get out” of my pre-contest diet mode. Everything that I will start eating again will feel like a “cheat” to me, when in fact, it’s really not…such things are: cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses, whole-wheat bread/pasta, low-fat milk, high-fiber cereal (kashi), barley, beans, natural peanut butter, occasional protein bar, shrimp, lean ham, baked potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, etc. Eating these foods weren’t necessarily forbidden during my pre-contest diet, they were simply not part of my eating plan :-). There may have been a reason why I was only eating this and that, but to know all the reasons why and the logic behind it, I do not necessarily know all of it…I’m just one of those people that if you give me a particular program to follow such as Body-for-Life, I will follow it to a “T” and not try to make any adjustments unless told so or required. Although I was eating the same foods, week after week, the foods that I were eating were very nutritious and good!

Here are some interesting facts about my diet:

- Eggs eaten in 13 weeks: over 600! Over 500 yolks discarded!
- Chicken Breast eaten in 13 weeks: 30 lbs!
- Weekly cost (including supplements): approximately $70.00 (not too bad for eating 6 times a day! Lots of people here at work spend that much on eating out just for lunch!)
- Cinnamon & Nutmeg are a blessing, a pleasure to your taste buds, they smell good too!
- I have learned to enjoy tomatoes and onions (two food items that I totally disliked before) I don’t think there are any fruits or vegetables that I would dislike, I like them all!
- Don’t eat everything fat free, you’ll starve! An egg yolk, natural peanut butter, olive oil/vinegar dressing, etc are all allowed in a good diet plan, you don’t have to cut all fats out! They are necessary for your body to function properly!
- Eating one tablespoon of Natural Peanut Butter half hour before an intense workout will give you the necessary energy to make it through! A good post-workout meals before an intense workout is a MUST in my book!
- This might be TMI for some people…but I haven’t had a “monthly visit” since the end of July!
- You will lose strength as you get leaner, this is normal! Don’t panic, just keep working at with the same amount of intensity and you’ll be fine!
- Lifting heavy will NOT make you look like Arnold!!! So, with this being said, if you want to workout like a power lifter, GO AHEAD LADIES!! (of course, don’t get yourself hurt!) Unless you have some type of hormonal problem or taking a form of steroids, you will NOT become and look like Arnold… but what you will become is lean, strong and SEXY!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

3 Days Remaining!

Before I start talking about my upcoming figure competition. I wanted to mention a few things first.

Me and Stef meet last Sunday at Gold’s Gym for an awesome leg workout! She’s very sweet and a caring person! I sure hope we will get to meet again! We talked about BFL and a little about my upcoming competition. Stef has been a great supporter throughout my journey and I truly have enjoyed getting periodic motivational cards from her! She’s unquestionably a BFL Champion and a GREAT friend! Thank you Stef for taking the time to drive 2 hours out of your way to meet me. I had a blast and I hope you did too.

I also talked with my father this past Friday and he doesn’t have cancer! However, he does have a tumor (non-cancerous) and he will soon get it removed. He will have a very similar surgery to those getting a gastric by-pass surgery (for obesity). We still do not know when this will take place but I’m guessing it will be very soon. I’m putting my second competition on hold for now and hope that I will be able to go visit him in CT before his surgery. I haven’t seen my father for 3 years, and I would like for him to see my daughter.

Figure Competition Update
I have started to watch my sodium intake…I have also purchased a Nail Kit for my nails and toe nails, I’m not going to get them manicured, way too expensive (I’m on a budget! *lol* I do what I can with what I got, I’m been tremendously blessed thus far!). Also, tonight, I’m will start applying my self-tanner tonight, hopefully get two coats in (need to be 3 hours apart), I will need to apply 3 or 4 coats of that within the next two days and can’t forget the Pro Tan on Friday! I have also ordered more crystal rhinestones to put on my suits but I doubt they will arrive on time. I have approximately 50 crystal rhinestones remaining and those will be applied tonight. I will also continue practicing my poses as I am having extreme difficulty mastering them, they are very awkward to me since I unfortunately have the tendency of lifting my right shoulder up and it just doesn’t look right…mastering poses are so critical and hard…I truly believe that it would take several competitions to master great posing! That is my personal opinion and experience. Although I would love to place relatively well, stepping on stage will be a reward in itself…it may be just the beginning to many more competitions.

Although I have said many times over and over again that I was to do “two” figure competitions back to back…at this moment, I’m unsure if the second one will take place. This is NOT due to “lack of motivation” as I have plenty of it but more due to personal family related issues that I must focus on. As I have stressed in the past before in one of my blogs, competing doesn’t only pertains to you but everyone around you, with this being said, you must keep a good balance. It’s very difficult for some people to understand the amount of dedication it takes to stick with strict diet and workout regimens, to some, it’s unimaginable (and perhaps a little “out there”)…So, with this being said, I’m going to give time to a few of my family members to adjust to my new found lifestyle and make it an enjoyable experience for them as well.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

9 days count down!

My official weigh-in day and I’m at 123 lbs and approximately 13% BF. My abs aren’t popping out like I had in vision, but that’s because I had unrealistic goals *lol*. I simply don’t have enough muscle mass built up to really have the blocked out abs like Margaret Diubaldo! Check her abs out on this picture! WOW!!!! Nice huh? Having Role Models is so inspirational. However, my stomach will be nice and flat, and toned!

Anyway…here are the stats compared to when I started:

Since I started back in the end of January:
Comparing Challenge #1, Week #0 to Challenge #2, Week #12, cfingram started with a lean bodyweight of 96.0 lbs and 46.0 lbs of bodyfat. If cfingram's measurements are accurate, she currently has a lean bodyweight of 107.0 lbs and 16.0 lbs of bodyfat. This is a change of 11 lbs of muscle and 30 lbs of bodyfat if the measurements are correct. These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken.

July 25, 2005
Weight: 139.5 lbs
BF: 22.3
Muscle Mass: 108.11
Body Fat: 31.39 lbs

Weight: 123 lbs
BF: 13 %
Muscle Mass: 107 lbs
Body Fat: 16 lbs

Muscle Mass: - 1.11 lb
Body Fat Lost: - 15.4 lbs

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

10 days count down!

Only 10 days to go till my first show AND I’ve got a cold/sinus infection! *lol* I’m just going to have to take it one day at a time, I can’t stress about this since I’ve been stressing enough. I want this to be an enjoyable experience, and I will make it so!

I skipped my cardio this morning since I was tossing and turning all night yesterday; I was hot and was running a low grade fever. I even woke myself up a couple of times snoring (never done that before! HA!), I was having a little bit of a breathing problem. So, I opted for the extra sleep and if weather permitting, I’ll just go for a walk during lunch time and do my cardio tonight. I’ll make it a HIIT session, if my body allows me too!

I’m maintaining my weight at about 124.5 lbs, I haven’t really dropped on the scale for the past two weeks, but that’s what we want. I’m physically “ready” for the show, just a few adjustments needed and we are good to go. You only get that contest “look” the day of the show; I’ll have a different look next weekend v.s. this weekend! *lol*

I’m also very excited about meeting Stef this weekend, I’m definitely looking forward to having a kick butt workout, I haven’t had a workout partner in a long time!! I’ll have to ask her what she would like to workout…legs or back?? Want to follow my workout routine?

Anyway, I need to make this short since I’m blogging from work. :-)

Wish you all a great day!

Let’s talk about food! (pulled from the Reader's Digest "Foods that Harm Foods that Heal, An A-Z Guide to save and healthy eating). Great Book! Highly suggested!

Beneficial Oils (Omega-3 fatty acids & GLA {gamma linolenic}) Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in salmon, halibut and other cold-water fish. GLA can be taken in capsule form or in primrose, borage, black currant and hemp seeds.

Asparagus: A good low-calorie source of folate and vitamins A and C. High in fiber.

Avocados: A rich source of folate, Vitamin A, and potassium. Useful amounts of protein, iron, magnesium, Vitamin C,E, and B6. Drawbacks: very high in calories, 85% coming from fat!

Beets: a good source of folate and vitamin C. The greens are a rich source of potassium, calcium, iron, beta carotene, and Vitamin C.

Blackberries: Low in calories and high in fiber. A good source of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, also contain folate, Vitamin E, iron, and calcium. Contain anticancer chemicals.

Blueberries: A good source of dietary fiber. Provide some Vitamin C and iron. May protect against some intestinal upsets. May help prevent some urinary tract infections.

Broccoli: An excellent source of Vitamin C. A good source of vitamin A and folate. Significant amounts of protein, calcium, iron, and other minerals. Rich in bioflavonoids and other plan chemicals that protect against cancer, and may be helpful in lupus. Low in calories and high in fiber.

Brussels Sprouts: An excellent source of vitamin C. A good source of protein, folate, vitamin A, iron and potassium. Contain bioflavonoids and other substances that protect against cancer.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pictures of my 1 pc suit

I took some pictures yesterday, after I did my hair highlights.... I had to see what I was going to look like in my 1 pc suit.

I need to work on my smile, but yesterday, I wasn't in the mood to smile, as I was very sadden by my father's news of his possible stomach cancer. He sent me some pictures of what it looks like, and he's obviously got something going on in there!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Family Member & Cancer

At around 9:00 am this morning, I received a phone call from my father. He rarely calls and I knew immediately there was cause for concern. He then proceeded to tell me how his surgery procedure (hernia) went yesterday. When they operated, they found another more serious problem; half of his stomach is black from the outside (something they normally only see internally)! They have taken a sample and sent it for testing…it could be cancer. He’s been complaining about ulcers for a long time, but they wouldn’t go away, he’s always had stomach problems without any signs of relief. Perhaps he will finally figure out what is wrong with him.

He should get the biopsy results next Friday; it may or may not affect the upcoming of my second show in November. Although my father was never played a big part in my life (he left my mother and I when I was 4, and would only see him once a year), in the past 6 years, we have been building a better relationship.

My father is a “workaholic”, so much so that he’s the only grandparent that still hasn’t seen his granddaughter that is now almost 2 and a half years old! Perhaps it’s the Lord’s way of telling him “Hey, you need to slow down and enjoy your family a little bit more”. It’s very upsetting to me that he still hasn’t seen her.
Anyway, my day is not going so good, I had planned on morning cardio but my plans changed when I received the phone call. During the entire conversation with my father, I was able to keep my composure together with a few moments of tears, but once I hung up that phone, I let it all out.

The timing is not the best, but when is the time right to receive bad news? Do I let it drag me down and throw the towel…NO! I can’t do that! I’ll keep trucking away with my diet and workouts…if I’m blessed with being able to do both shows, GREAT! Currently, all I know is that I’m definitely doing the Carolina Clash Show…I’ll still meticulously plan in competing in the Elite Show but if my father is diagnosed with cancer, my plans will be to go visit it him with my daughter.

He’s also in a terrible financial situation that would be way too long to get into…his past is catching up with him. He didn’t have an easy life, but a lot was due to him making the wrong decisions! He’s changed a lot and has come a long way, and for that, I’m grateful. I miss him a lot, haven’t seen him for over 3 years. I was trying to give him a chance to prove himself to me by putting forth the effort of coming to visit us in NC… that plan backed fired on me!

Anyway, I must get going now, got a few things to do around the house…I have highlight my hair, do my cardio, my leg workout, do laundry, personalized books, cook, etc. It’s constantly doing something, non-stop….in some ways, it’s good cause it keeps my mind busy and focused (I’m able to stick to my strict diet this way).

Friday, October 07, 2005

Recipes - Authorized

I haven't tried any of these yet, but by the looks of them, they look pretty darn good!!

All Purpose Dressing
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup rice wine vinegar
1 tablespoon hemp oil
1 teaspoon garlic powder
½ teaspoon liquid stevia
½ teaspoon cinnamon
Blend together and use on salads or chicken

Breakfast surprise
1 cup egg white
¼ cup oats
1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
2 serving of stevia (natural sweetener)
cinnamon or pumpkin spice

Mix all together in a large non-stick frying pan at medium to low heat. Scramble together like scrambled eggs till fully cooked

Chicken Heaven
Fully cook 4 oz extra lean ground chicken

Mix in
½ cup red kidney beans
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin powder
½ teaspoon black pepper
½ teaspoon curry powder
¼ teaspoon powder stevia

Cook together for 5 minutes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Suits ARE in! Got to work on my posing! YUCK!

Ok, here's a few pictures of my 2 pc suit!!! I SERIOUSLY need to work on my posing, it's terrible, I'm always leaning towards one side, :( No matter how much I try, I can't get it right :(.

At my heaviest...

I found this old picture of me (taken about 2 1/2 years ago). I wish I had a full view but this is all I got.... I can't remember how much I weighed then, but you can definitely see that I wasn't thin! My face was nice and round! *lol*

Monday, October 03, 2005

Fresh New Week! Time to Increase the Intensity Level!

I only have 19 days till my first show, and I have to admit, I haven’t been working as hard as I would like. I’m going to really focus on cranking the intensity of my workouts and cardio sessions for the next three weeks, if that means I need to start running again, I will! The past two weeks, I’ve been backing off a little bit, my right knee is starting to feel a little “off”, wanted to give it some rest and recuperate…as of the past two days (cross fingers) no knee pain!

I’ve also been busy with my small business and re-organizing the house, I really can’t stand my house to be in a messy state. My daughter is also in a “fast learning stage”, I really want to start sitting down with her for a minimum of 30 minutes each night and teach her French. She knows most of her facial body parts. This week, I will start communicating with her in French…it’s an absolute since 90% of my family speaks the language.

Going back to my “prepping” of my upcoming show, here are a few things that will need to occur in the next three weeks:

Hair Color, blond streaks (probably will do myself, I have always done my own coloring, much more affordable this way).
Suits should be arriving this week!
Start applying twice a day, my 30-minute teeth whitening kit (two week supply)
Yearly Eye Doctor’s visit on Wednesday
Start moisturizing my entire body on a daily basis
Facial weekly treatments (facial masks, exfoliate, moisture, etc.)
Cardio increased to 6 times a week, in the morning, on an empty stomach.

I know you all want to see my suits when they come in, so although I did say I wasn’t going to post anymore pictures…I’m going back on my words and WILL be posting new pictures when my suits are in!