Saturday, January 12, 2008

A year has gone by....

It's been a year since I've last posted, where did the time go? Life has been crazy for me in 2007 and I'm still not back into a workout routine :(. I'm dissapointed that I spent the year doing nothing but I'm a slow adjuster when it comes to being a SAHM.

As for family life, my husband has relocated in Ohio while me and the girls are still in NC trying to get our house sold so that we can reunite with hubby. I'm currently in Lebanon OH with him but going back to NC on Monday and I'll start working out again, doing light easy stuff for now, get a good eating plan together and do my best to lose as much weight before I see hubby again :) I'd like to pleasantly surprise him when I see him again probably mid February (once a month till house is sold).

The plan is that I'm going to start working out slowly so that I can get my body geared for weight lifting and HIIT training. There's a kickass YMCA here in Lebanon OH which is HUGE!!! My oldest daughter will be able to start soccer, gymnastics,..whatever she wants to do as far as sports, it's there! :-) She's getting old enough to get active (4).

Well, I better get going but if anyone wants to get in touch, I can be reached via email at

Hugs, Carole


Blogger Stef said...

Hey Carole! Great to hear you are doing well!!!!

I go to the YMCA is fairly new and HUGE as well. Love it!

Maybe once you get settled in Ohio, we could get together and work out. You won't be that far from me.....less than an hour!


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