Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Day 16 – Awesome Kick Butt Workout! (literally!)

I had an awesome leg workout yesterday! My legs are now starting to feel stronger, leaner and tighter! I actually catch myself “feeling” them *LOL*…gosh, I don’t remember EVER doing that! When I did my standing calf raises, I took a glimpse at the mirrors and actually got to really see my calf muscles! It was so motivating and awesome! I worked out my legs for about 1.5 hours, each set getting more and more intense. Lot’s of people at the gym are starting to know about my upcoming competitions and are cheering me on! I also get the “jealous” look too, which I feel very uncomfortable about. No need to get into the subject of jealousy, most of you know how it goes… I don’t have a jealous bone in my body; it’s just very difficult for me to understand. I admire people, don’t envy them (well, unless it’s something I would really like, such as meeting Monica Brant, I envy Stephanie for that! *lol*)

I talked with Stephanie a little bit yesterday over the phone; we had a very nice conversation. She’s so sweet! She too will be competing on October 22nd! It’s pretty cool that hers will be on the same day as mine! We’ll probably end up calling asking each other how we placed, etc.

Sticking to my diet day in and day out, some days are harder then others, but I have a lot of different habits that help me stay accountable and much support from my Body-for-Life Buddies!
P.s. I had a Supreme Pizza in my freezer that I couldn't eat, I brought it to lunch at work and cooked it for my co-workers, had lots of happy campers! *lol* I got it OUT of my kitchen and didn't eat any of it! WAHOO!

Figure Competition
Challenge #2!

I will be competing in my first Figure Show in October 22, 2005
and my second November 5th, 2005.

Only one major set back and that is the financial funds! As a good friend told me recently,
where there's a will, there's a way! Here's where I need your help and support!

You can now help ME out by being a
sponsor for my upcoming 2005 competitive season! Just click on the PayPal
button below to place your donation, and become part of

“Team Carole Ingram Body-for-Life Fitness”.

Donate $10.00 or more and you will be honored with an 8" x10"
picture of my first Figure Show. You will have the opportunity to choose a picture!

Thanks for your support!


Blogger TheStoneOak said...

Hi Carole !

Cool blog man ! I'll definitely make a donation.

Here's the help-link to editing links within your blog.


It was a little challenging at first, but once i got the first link setup, I just copy and paste when i add new ones.

By the way, I'm going to add yours.

Keep up the great work !!!

Jim :)

11:49 AM  
Blogger Teresa Miranda said...

Focus on those people who are cheering you on at the gym!!! I know how easy it is for others to drag you down by there jealousy. I tend to focus on others jealousy sometimes rather than the positive people sometimes, and it is like a disease. Next thing you know I am feeling terrible, negative, blah, blah....

Good thing you are surrounding yourself with the good stuff! And concentrating on that! ;-) There are more people who want to see you succeed than those who want to see you fail! Just remember that! Your doing a great job girl!


12:02 PM  
Blogger Carole Ingram said...

WAHOOO!! I added your blogger and everyone else's in! AWESOME! Thanks Jim! You are always a great help !


2:00 PM  
Blogger Christie said...

Keep strong girl...I don't know why people must behave with jealousy...just remember, they must not have a good support system, and don't have a truly happy existence, or they wouldn't be so worried about everyone else, and being better...you rock girl!!

10:17 AM  

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