Thursday, August 18, 2005

Official Weigh-In Day & Stef!

Challenging Weekend Ahead

We are having friends visiting us this weekend, this will be quite a challenge for me since I will need to stick with my diet and do it in a fairly diplomatic way – we may go White Water Rafting tomorrow and I have no idea if I can carry around a cooler or not. It’ll be quite interesting and I’ll have to post a report on Sunday.

Today “WAS” my official weigh-in day and I’m actually down to 130.5 lbs…ok, so that’s 1 lb lighter then last week. I’ve been steadily losing 1 lb a week, which is good! This should mean that I’ll be ready in about 8 weeks right? We will soon find out! I also took my measurements (AGAIN) at and with my waistline at 26.5” and my hips being at 33”, this shows me at 17.4 % BF… what happened between yesterday and today?!? Well, I won’t be too descriptive BUT when you eat lot’s of protein, things tend to get a little “backed up” *LOL* and you tend to have a bigger waist line and are heavier on the scale! THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD ONLY WEIGH YOURSELF ONCE A WEEK PEOPLE! The same day, in the morning, on an empty stomach and NAKED! Yeah, you heard me NAKED!

Talking about being butt naked, has anyone checked out Stef in her thong?!? WOWZERS!!! Hope she wins that trip, she surely deserves it! She worked her buns off (literally) – she looks GREAT! You can go and vote for her at , she’s “Diane” and wears a white tight tank top and white thong to go with it (high hell white shoes too), you can’t miss her, she’s the best looking one in there! You’ll have to register but, don’t worry, your email address will NOT be sold to anyone - just be sure to remember your login name and password, I hear there will be several rounds to this and you’ll have to visit on a weekly basis to vote. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! It’s our duty to be supportive to our fellow Body-for-Life Buddies!


Blogger Stef said...

Thanks C! Nice of you to mention me in your blog!!! Also, thanks for the call today...I needed that!!!

Stef :-)

8:33 PM  
Blogger Nico said...

Hi Carole, I am happy to see that you did finally start your own blog. It was great getting in touch with you. You are going to be terrific with your competion, I'm sure about it.

I haven't time to update my blog list of my fitness warriors Chicas and Chicos, but I will add you and Stef. Both of you will be awesome.
Keep on going girls.


11:43 AM  

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