Monday, August 22, 2005

Wow - what a weekend!

QUICK SIDE NOTE: As of 8-22-05, a total of over $230.00 has been donated! A big Thank You goes out to all of my supporters! I still got 9 more weeks to go till my first competition, but only 4 weeks to go till I order my expensive suits ! Feel free to share my blogger link address to any of your Fitness Buddies to help me out ! I need all the support that I can get! I'll be posting New Pictures this weekend!

Well, had our friends visit and we had a blast! Friday, we dropped our daughter at daycare and we decided to go watch a movie in the afternoon (since that's the only time we were going to have available without the little one) - we watched "Skeleton Key"... overall, it was a great movie! Definitely not your typical movie, I loved the twisted ending! This is a must watch! In my opinion, I would wait till it came out in DVD to watch :-). We had not watch a movie at a theater in over 2 years!!!!! It was NICE to do!!!

As for Saturday, we went to local water park called "Wet N' Wild", my daughter was with us, she had a blast and I got a terrible sunburn on my shoulders! I didn't THINK about putting any sunscreen lotion on me, but I sure plastered it on my daughter! She looked like a clown by the time I got done with her! *lol*

As for my training and diet, well, I'll admit, it wasn't the best! I didn't "cheat" persay, but I did not follow my diet as planned on Saturday, it was a little off. However, no major damage done, just some cleaning up to do.

I also got someone interested in starting the Body-for-Life program this weekend! WAHOO!!!

Anyway, new stats (and perhaps new pics) will be coming this Thursday (or weekend), will keep you posted!


Blogger Stef said...

Good for you having a great weekend! I can't wait to see your stats!! Keep up the good work girlie!!!

I had a rough few days last week, but seem to be back on track now! Thank Goodness!!!

Stef ;-)

4:29 PM  

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